The Gaiyas



Pamela works in the Publishing Department of Africa Chriastian Textbooks ACTS) in their headquartersin Jos, Nigeria. She is also engaged in ministering to women in her local community. Together Musa and Pamela assist with orientation for long-term missionaries when they first arrive in Nigeria. Musa is lecturer in Church History at the University of Jos. He is also ordained in the ECWA Good News Church in the city. Recently, he was appointed to liaise with Mission Africa partners in Jos and ABuja.

The Garlands



Sid is founder of a strategic ministry known as Africa Christian Textbooks (ACTS) supplying relevant and affordable Evangelical Christian books to church leaders in Africa. ACTS distributes books through ten stores in key seminaries or cities across Nigeria and Kenya. After 23 years service in Nigeria, Sid and Jean returned to Belfast in 2010. They have three grown up children, Peter, Debbie and Anna and several grandchildren.


Peter Greir




Reaching into Kerry, Limerick, Carlow, Waterford and TipperaryPray that the Christian Unions would catch the vision of “Uncover”.

Jennie Campbell




Jenni is serving as a teacher at Bingham Academy in Addis Abada, Ethiopia. One of Jenni's ‘long term objectives is to organise the Geography curriculum throughout the school while encouraging a Christian Worldview. Jenni also serves is various outreach programs outside her work with the school.